Venice, ex-husband castrated: arrested

He said he did it to defend himself against sexual assault, but he didn’t convince investigators. Now she will have to answer for aggravated injuries

She had told of having emasculated her ex-husband to defend herself from sexual assault in an apartment in Marghera in the Venetian area. A version that did not convince the investigators who arrested her last August 12 in the act of committingcharge of aggravated injuries. The victim is currently hospitalized in the Venice-Mestre hospital with a reserved prognosis. The police officers of the Flying Squad and the Flying Squad, together with the 118, had promptly intervened on the scene of the event, which allowed the man’s life to be saved.

After the first appropriate investigations, the investigators heard the victim’s version and acquired the contradictory justifications of the woman, who did not appear to have any sign of physical aggression. For this reason the arrest was triggered and the woman was taken to prison in Venice at the disposal of the judicial authority.