Venice exhibition, Drusilla Foer: ‘Elegance is naturalness, non-elegance is ignorance’

Elegance is naturalness, it is awareness, it is everything that expresses an openness to oneself and to others. Non-elegance is ignorance“. Like this Drusilla Foer, interviewed by the newspaper ‘La Ragione – LeAli della liberty’ on the red carpet of ‘The Whale’ at the 79th Venice Film Festival, comments on the elegance and extravagance of the review. “Elegance and non-elegance do not reside in what we wear or what we represent about ourselves. Sometimes we represent a projection of ourselves. Finding something natural is something that I find very elegant. Arrogance, on the contrary, I find it very vulgar, ”adds the actress.

And regarding the controversy of these hours that broke out on social media about the participation of Giorgia Soleri, girlfriend of Damiano dei Maneskin, at the Film Festival after an old declaration in which she said she did not love cinema, Drusilla Foer comments: “I think that raging on the episode or on the personal is rather useless. Measure what others say and what they express. I think that if something seems ugly to us, our duty is to be as beautiful as possible. The lady did this and will have her reasons. She will explain herself and if she does not explain she will take responsibility for her actions ”.