Venice exhibition, Rita Dalla Chiesa: “Fiction about my father blocked and the election campaign on the Lido”

“Presence of ‘March on Rome’ in bad taste, two weights and two measures”

(from the correspondent Ilaria Floris) The choice of presenting a documentary on the ‘March of Rome’ at the Venice Days at the Venice Film Festival, 20 days after the vote in Italy, “was in very bad taste. there were two weights and two measures. I had resigned myself to the block for the release of the fiction about my father because there was a law, and I am attentive to the rules, but then to see that at the Venice Film Festival they allow the presentation of a documentary like ‘March on Rome’ I find it unequal at the very least. “This is the outburst of Rita Dalla Chiesa who, to Adnkronos, entrusts his considerations in the light of the controversy over the presentation, at the Giornate degli Autori, of the docufilm ‘March on Rome’ by Irish director Mark Cousins, who expressed strong concerns about a possible victory for the center-right in the next elections.

“I could say more but I have respect for an electoral campaign that must go ahead in a civil manner, I imposed it on myself – the Dalla Chiesa sinks – I do not allow myself to judge the choices of the Days of the Authors of the Exhibition but I think it was a mistake. One thing is a fiction about a piece of history of our life, of Italian history, one thing this documentary. I too realized the enormity of the paradox “.

The daughter of General Dalla Chiesa, who is a candidate in the next elections with Forza Italia, then tells an eloquent episode: “Today I was at a ceremony in honor of my father. flesh, heart, brain, criticizing my choice to go into politics, that when they called me on stage to give me the award I was even afraid to go up and get this comic, and I said to my sister ‘you go’. But this thing has to stop. “Dalla Chiesa concludes with a reflection:” Maybe the rebellions sooner or later come from people, if they see an electoral campaign that is not being carried out fairly, right, civil. There have been too many mistakes. ”