Venice exhibition, Yeman Crippa: “Very well received in Italy, never problems of racism”

The Italian champion adopted in Ethiopia guest of the newspaper ‘La Ragione’: “I hope the same will happen with my children”

“In Italy I felt totally welcomed. I arrived as a child, but I had a great time from the first day of school, when I remember that my classmates welcomed me with a welcome sign. Even in athletics I have never had problems, and I hope that in the future my children will no longer have any as well as the children of all foreigners who arrive in this country “. To tell Adnkronos, interviewed at the Venice Film Festival, guest at the stand of the newspaper ‘La Ragione’ is the Italian champion of Ethiopian origin Yeman Crippamiddle distance runner who holds the European 5 km record and national record holder in the 3000, 5000, 10000 flat meters and the half marathon.

“I am a boy adopted in 2003 from Ethiopia by a Milanese family who then moved to Trentino – he says smiling – I remember that I arrived in Italy with the snow, and I found myself a bit uncomfortable at first with the cold, then I settled in and now I’m from God “. The passion for athletics comes almost immediately: “I started with football, then thanks to the school competitions I dedicated myself to athletics, where I did well and now it has become my passion and my job. series of milestones, I am happy and I feel lucky “.

To a young person who wants to become a professional sportsman – “I strongly recommend that you love what he does, and train every day with passion and heart, and the results arrive – explains the sportsman – Of course, not everyone becomes a champion, but only in this way can the goals be achieved. own goals “. The same optimism is the champion’s recipe for peaceful coexistence and respect for the rights of others, which Crippa explains as follows: “We must start from the assumption that we have to love each other, even if we have a different mentality, a different skin color – he says – and we must be able to live with the rules and with the culture, but it is also important not to want to hurt our neighbor. The world is beautiful because it is varied.

Also guest on the red carpet of the Lido, where he walked accompanied by his girlfriend, the champion explains to Adnkronos that he loves cinema, but does not have a lot of time to devote himself to watching films. “When I arrive in the evening, and I’m not too tired, I mainly watch the series, which are so fashionable today.” Many are the goals of the 25-year-old champion, who reveals: “In the short term, making my debut in the marathon next spring is my goal. 2023 World Cup and 2024 Olympics in Paris. “Good luck, then.” Long live the wolf “, he replies with a smile.

The champion was a guest at the Venice Film Festival of one of the meetings organized by the newspaper ‘La Ragione’. “The idea of ​​coming here for the second consecutive year stems from the desire to ‘take advantage’ of the most important place where cinema is made and talked about – explains director Fulvio Giuliani – Cinema is a concentrate of very different emotions. , which we try to tell. From the music of Morricone to Yeman Crippa to the producer Andrea Occhipinti: the fil rouge is that of emotion, declined according to the sensibilities of each “.