Venice Film Festival 2023, Anna by Marco Amenta arrives

Anna Of Marco Amenta arrives today at Venice Film Festival (WATCH THE SPECIAL) is inspired by a true story that happened in Sardinia a few years ago. As director Marco Amenta explains “it is a story of resistance against power. The unscrupulous power of a blind capitalism ready to destroy everything is reflected in the power of a chauvinist and prevaricating society and by fighting one the protagonist also fights the other. The fight for her personal salvation becomes despite her, and without any ideology, a battle for the defense of the environment and a fierce resistance to violence and chauvinism. Anna is a woman who does not want to lower her head and fights to avoid being crushed , she doesn’t want to be a victim but she’s not a heroine either; for me it was important to outline the portrait of a real woman, full of defects and fragility far from any stereotype.”


Beautiful, wild and magnetic like the uncontaminated nature of her Sardinia, ANNA (30) lives to the rhythm of the breathing of the earth, a land that heals her wounds and nourishes her soul. The difficult experiences that she went through have marked her, but she did not bend and today Anna is a free woman who no longer wants to be afraid. In the remote corner of the island where she manages the small farm that belonged to her father, time seems to have stopped and Anna’s presence with her erotic energy and courageous rejection of conventions has the power of a landmine. ready to explode. That harsh land protects her, until the day she has to protect her from the mechanical monsters who want to rape her. Saving her beauty and preserving her freedom come together in Anna’s battle, forcing difficult choices and painful sacrifices on her. Because nothing can buy respect for oneself and one’s beliefs.