Venice Film Festival, the godmother Rocío Muñoz Morales: “We need cinema”


Simply elegant, armed with her smile, Rocìo meets us at the Campari Lounge a few steps from that red carpet that will see her protagonist as a godmother. In the great hall she will give the opening speech as well as the closing one: “I am very happy, she tells us, happiness is emanating from every corner of my body. I just arrived, I knew it would be magical but being here exceeds all expectations. I believe a lot in energies and here I feel a magical, strong energy. I feel the responsibility of my role, especially because there are people who have been working on this exhibition for months, there is a lot of work behind it and the fact that I am the face and voice of all these people makes me even more responsible for my work. However, I do not deny that I am grateful and will give my best for those who believed in me. I want it to be a starting point for something new and it is also a goal to be here in this capacity, great joy ”.

The opening speech

As per tradition, you will be the one to deliver the opening speech in the Great Hall, jokingly (but not too much) we ask you if you feel the “burden and honor” of the task, the laughter and the response are immediate. She explains to us that long ago when the Director Barbera invited her to be godmother, she also asked her for the utmost confidentiality. Rocìo claims that she has not said anything to anyone, not even in the family, not even to her partner Raoul (Bova) so to vent her emotions she started writing the speech, then small changes but basically that of the first sensations remained: “I don’t want be a teacher, underlines, or a teacher, politics, I want to share my love for cinema with the people in the room and with those who follow us from home. I believe that now more than ever, cinema must be freed, shared, we must return to the theater. Cinema needs all of us, it needs our emotions, our stories, everyone and we all need cinema, deeply… What would our life be like without cinema? “

The film where it all began

“A film struck me a lot, he says with bright eyes, just to say Wow this thing I want to discover more closely, understand how to do it, Roman Polanski’s Pianist with a very good Adrien Brody. The film was love at first sight for me ”.

Our chat continues, Rocìo tells us that he has taken tickets to go to see films even at 8 in the morning, given the many commitments during this week. “I want to fill myself with cinema, he exclaims, I want to give myself all these stories, I think they will be stories that will mark me! My mother and father are with me and I also got them tickets for films in Spanish, so I will wake up early in the morning too ”. We thank you for your time but you are the warmest in thanks and greetings, Chapeau …