Venier at Domenica In for the 14th time: one more than Baudo

“Every year I say is the last, but then ..”

Every year I say it’s the last time, then …“. Mara Venier confesses this as she prepares to conduct ‘Domenica In’ for her 14th time,” one more than the great Pippo Baudo “, underlines Simona Sala in her first official conference as director of Day Time Rai.

“Only a crazy woman like me could dedicate 14 years to this program, but it gave me everything and to which I don’t know how to say no: and in fact this time too I said yes“, explains Mara Venier.” I am worried and excited, because it is a great responsibility “.

But, she adds, “I must also try to be calm and serene, because what I could and had to prove I did and now I can even dare more, dealing with important news stories, starting with the theme of the fight against violence against women. The time has come to take risks, since this will be my last edition of ‘Domenica In’ … “, even if he says it with a smile.

(by Enzo Bonaiuto)