Venier: ”I’m negative, I run to the studio to record my Christmas ‘Domenica in”

The presenter is no longer positive for Covid 19: “I swabbed, after twelve days I recovered”

“Twist! I’m negative! I did the swab and now I run to the studio I’m going to record”. She reveals it to Adnkronos Mara Venier who enthusiastically announces that she is cured of COVID-19:I got negative – she adds – I’ve been sick for twelve days and today I’m negative so ‘Sunday in’ airs Sunday with my presentation!”. Until this morning the presenter thought of recording the episode of December 25 with her presentation remotely, then the happy news: Mara Venier will be in the studio for the special appointment, which would have been in any case registered both for cost reasons and to allow the workers involved to spend the holiday with their families Christmas Of Rai 1 so it will be done, and without Covid. ‘Sunday In’ will then return live on Sunday January first.

(by Alisa Toaff)