Ventura and Capello applaud Spalletti’s Italy: “Azzurri on the right path”

Italy won 2-1 over Ukraine in a Euro 2024 qualifying match with two goals from Davide Frattesi

“Italy’s performance pleasantly surprised me. Excellent performance from the boys who immediately embraced the new coach’s philosophy. Now not all the problems are resolved, just as everything wasn’t disastrous after the draw with Macedonia but we can look to the future with confidence. The Azzurri are on the right path.” Thus former national team coach Gian Piero Ventura spoke to Adnkronos after the Azzurri’s 2-1 victory against Ukraine in a Euro 2024 qualifying match. “It seems to me that Spalletti had an excellent impact on the team, he brought clear ideas, enthusiasm and positivity and the boys are following him – continues Ventura -. He has absorbed this change in the running in the best possible way, I had no doubts because I know the value of the coach. The qualification is not done yet because we will have to go in Ukraine to get a result but yesterday’s victory gives confidence.”

The words to Adnkronos by Fabio Capello, former coach of, among others, Milan, Roma and Juventus, and coach of Russia and England, are of the same tone. “I really liked the national team, an excellent performance from everyone, the ball was spinning quickly, all the boys moved at the right times, I’d say we’re on the right track. If we want to find a flaw, it’s that we scored very little as created”, underlined Capello who praised in particular coach Luciano Spalletti and Davide Frattesi, the scorer of the two goals. “The coach read the match well, he didn’t do anything wrong, he is promoted with full marks. I am also very happy for Frattesi to whom I presented the Bulgarelli award for best young player some time ago, now he is a high-level midfielder and ready to carve out more and more space for himself in the national team and at Inter.”

According to the former England and Russia coach, the road to qualification, if not downhill, becomes within reach. “This victory will help the boys a lot, it will give them morale. Now – he concludes – they know they are a team and I am convinced that from now on they can only grow”.