Venus influencer, Sgarbi: “I would have left her naked but contamination is lawful”

“The slogan ‘Open to wonder’ seems to contradict Rampelli’s indications on the Italian language”

“There is no question of altering the figure of Venus by disguising her as a sailor or in another guise but she is much more attractive naked. I would have left Venus naked even if I have nothing against the fact that they wanted to dress her in a vaguely modernist way, it’s like making her a girl of our time while she is a timeless girl, she is a divinity and represents the myth and beauty of Italy in its timeless dimension”. This is what Undersecretary for Culture Vittorio Sgarbi said in an interview on Radio 24’s ‘Immagini’ show, regarding Italy’s promotional campaign by the Ministry of Tourism and Enit, launched by Minister Daniela Santanchè. The ‘Open to wonder’ campaign uses Botticelli’s Venus as an exceptional testimonial, in an influencer version.

“The figurative contamination that comes out of Armando Testa’s creativity is to apply Ferragni’s spirit to Botticelli’s masterpiece. It seems to me that Botticelli prevails by far and that the complete image with the naked Venus and the shell of waves could have been the best attractive Italian landscape with the word ‘wonder’. I would not have made contaminations but it is permissible for a creative or an artist to work on the images by altering them, Warhol was absolutely emblematic from this point of view, but it doesn’t seem to me that he is particularly effective” , however added Sgarbi, “in our talk there is an advertising effect induced either to criticize it or to observe its contradictions, perhaps it was foreseen”.

As for the slogan ‘Open to wonder’, Sgarbi did not fail to make another note saying that he would simply write ‘The wonder’, or ‘Come to Wonderland’. “Wonder is a word that is understood in every language while ‘Open to wonder’ is a mixture between English and Italian and seems to contradict Rampelli’s indications on the Italian language”. “Communication is in any case festive and therefore we can consider it lawful” concluded Sgarbi.