Vera Politkovskaja on Live In Florence: “Putin indifferent to Europe’s reaction to Ukraine”

The Russian journalist Vera Politkovskaja, daughter of Anna, known for her courageous reports on the second war in Chechnya, killed on 7 October 2006, spoke at Live In Firenze 2022. And remembering the figure of her mother, she explains how she would have faced the war in Ukraine, calling her by her name: “For sure it’s not a special operation, it’s a war. My mother always wanted to call everything with the right words. This is a war between Ukraine and Russia, if someone calls it a special operation it’s false. Today in Russia they call war “peace”, they manipulate and change meanings. My mother called all things with the right words. ” And she adds: “For sure you would have talked about civil society. You would have talked about the population affected by the war, about what happens to people.” Then on the figure of Putin you explain: “I don’t think you expected Europe’s reaction on Ukraine. But for Putin it is indifferent” (LIVE ON LIVE IN FLORENCE-FIRST DAY).

Vera Politkovskaya: opposition to Putin in Russia? There is no real data

On the emergence of a possible opposition to Putin, he explains: “Difficult to answer this question. There is no real data from us. Believing the data that is provided by the state social institute is complex. Clarifying many people support what is happening, and this is very sad. Most of my acquaintances are gone. They don’t want to pay taxes that will guarantee war actions. “