Verona, beats and kidnaps girl in abandoned building: arrested

Upon their arrival, the officers found the girl in a state of shock: she had a kitten in her arms which she continued to hold against her throughout the evening.

Segregated in a building abandoned in Verona by the man she lived with, who had mistreated and beaten her. A young woman was freed by the police, who intervened after the alarm raised by the victim’s sister, who had called the police station in Cremona, the city where she lives, to say that the woman had been beaten and was being held against her will in a facility illegally occupied near the Verona Porta Nuova station. The man was arrested for mistreatment and aggravated injuries.

From the position of the cell phone, the agents of the Volanti and the Flying Squad traced the girl inside the building on the Oriani ring road occupied by homeless foreign citizens, which had been evicted several times by the police in recent months. Upon their arrival, the officers, who had to enter by cutting the padlock that secured the entrance gate, found the girl in a state of shock, with obvious signs of violence on her face and body. In the context of total degradation and precarious hygienic-sanitary conditions in which she had been segregated, the young woman had sought comfort in a kitten that she was holding in her arms when she was found and that she continued to hold against her throughout the evening.

Accompanied to the emergency room, where she was visited and treated by doctors, the woman was then interviewed by the police who, after having formalized the complaint, proceeded with the arrest of the alleged perpetrator for mistreatment and aggravated injuries. The arrest was possible thanks to recent regulatory provisions which, for crimes of mistreatment, provided for the institution of deferred flagrant arrest or the possibility, in the face of unequivocal documentary and photographic evidence, to proceed with the arrest within 48 hours after the fact. The alleged perpetrator, a Moroccan in his early twenties, was taken to Montorio prison to await the validation hearing which took place in the morning. After validating the arrest, the judge ordered him to be detained in prison.