Verona-Juve, Allegri warns the bianconeri: “We need a level match”

“In Verona, Juventus have lost 3 of their last 5 matches”

“We play against a team that has beaten us three times in the last five games.” Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus coach, warns the bianconeri on the eve of the match on the Verona pitch. “With Inter we spent an evening of happiness and joy but we immediately closed the chapter. We are playing against a team that has beaten us three times in the last five games. It is a team that creates, physics that attacks and tomorrow it will not be a match simple. They do not deserve the classic they have, it will be up to us to play a game at their level “, says Allegri.

“We will have to play a great match both from an emotional and technical point of view, otherwise we would throw away what we did with Inter and in the previous matches. We will have to play a tough game, because I repeat in Verona Juventus have lost 3 of the last 5 matches “, adds the Livorno coach.

Training chapter: “Perin will play tomorrow, because Szczesny has played 12 in a row. The safe recoveries are Paredes and Kean, but they don’t necessarily play. Di Maria I will evaluate but he hardly has 90 minutes in his legs. Vlahovic, McKennie and Chiesa from evaluate today “.

Vlahovic in particular is in doubt: “Dusan suffers from this tendon, pubalgic inflammation. Yesterday as a race he went better, if he is available it is good for Juventus, otherwise he will be treated and we will see if he will be available for Sunday. Chiesa is back, he did well, but until the knee finds its stability, its adaptation, it has some moments of discomfort, but it is part of the rehabilitation process on the pitch “, adds Allegri.

Juve got up also thanks to the youngsters. “Fagioli is doing well but let’s leave him calm. Miretti is doing well too, the other day I saw that Fabio has already made 20-22 appearances for Juventus. Fagioli is doing well and maybe he will do well tomorrow too but there will be times when he will need to recover. There are also other less experienced young people who are showing off. “