Very bad episode at Vite al Limite, then the shock decision: how are you today? Hard to believe

Very bad episode during his journey in Vite al Limite, so much so that he made a shocking decision: how are you today? Really hard to believe.

Over the ten editions of Lives on the Limit, there have been so many patients who have chosen to leave the program at any moment. Who because he could not sustain the rigorous rhythms imposed by Dr. Nowzaradan or who had to do it following a serious bereavement, are several those who have not been able to complete their path in the clinic. However, what happened to the protagonist of this article is something unusual.

Shock decision. Credits: Discovery

She was one of Dr. Nowzaradan’s patients who made herself known to the whole Vite al Limite audience a few months ago. Driven by a strong desire for rebirth, the 36-year-old had an initial weight of about 269 kg and various health problems that made life impossible. Although she, however, she was really willing to get back in shape, the woman was not able at all to complete an excellent path. Following a very bad episode When she happened to be in the middle of her journey to the clinic, the doctor’s patient chose to leave the program. Are you curious, however, to know how she is today?

First the very bad episode at Lives on the Limit, then the shock decision: how are you today?

What drives a person to eat more and more? Many times, behind this bad habit, something much more is hidden. How many times, in fact, have we happened to tell you decidedly dramatic stories? This one we are going to talk about shortly is one of these. Weighing a whopping 269 kg, Dr. Nowzaradan’s young patient said she was able to find solace in food after being sexually abused by an acquaintance of hers and when, unfortunately, she started being bullied. .

The protagonist of our article today is her: Lacey Buckingam. Joined the last season of Lives on the edge, the woman was forced to leave the program after she found herself completely alone. Shortly before going to Nowzaradan’s studio for a new visit, Buckingam had a bad fight with her sister, so much so that she was literally abandoned on the street. From that moment, Lacey’s ‘struggle’ to get back in shape no longer made sense, and she decided to leave the program as well.

Curious to know how she is today? We were able to track Lacey on Facebook and it appears that she has lost a little weight since the beginning. We do not know how much her weight loss consists of her, but it would seem that all the conditions are there. Check it out here:

ugly episode lives to the limit
Lacey today. Credits: Instagram

Sure, Lacey’s journey is still in its infancy, but we’re confident she’ll work even harder to achieve her goal.