Very bad news for Amadeus: we really didn’t need this

Very bad news for Amadeus: a real low blow for the beloved TV host, this was really not needed, but now what will happen?

A real very bad news, the one that Amadeus received in the past few hours. And that, without a doubt, left him completely perplexed. This is a low blow, which the beloved conductor immediately had to deal with. What happened? And most importantly, what will happen now? Let’s find out all the details.

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After the refusal of a beloved TV face to join him on the Sanremo stage, Amadeus is preparing to collect another lump sum. Everything was ready, the guest who was supposed to back up the beloved TV host was enthusiastic about this new adventure and the good Sebastiani couldn’t wait to go on stage, but something blew everything up at the last minute. According to what Davide Maggio informs us, in fact, it would seem that the plan organized by Amadeus for his admirers and spectators cannot be implemented due to force majeure: the Covid!

For New Year’s Eve, as for five years now, Amadeus has organized and planned a fabulous event. Full of guests and good music, the TV presenter is at the helm of The Year to Come, the mega New Year’s concert live from the square in Perugia. Just over 48 hours after its inception, however, the good Sebastiani has received very unpleasant news!

Amadeus, very bad news to swallow: what will happen now?

The return of Amadeus to the stage of the Sanremo Festival is very close, but before this the beloved conductor will be at the helm of a unique and unrepeatable event on New Year’s Eve. Just as for five years now, Sebastiani will host L’Anno che will come live from Perugia. With Gabriele Cirilli and Francesco Paolantoni, revelation couple of the year thanks to their participation in Such and which show, and many musical guests, Amadeus will keep the Rai Uno audience company and not only on the last night of the year. Everything is ready and organised, but at the last minute the conductor has received a very bitter forfeit!

From what Davide Maggio tells us, Amadeus will have to do without one of his strong shoulders on this last night of the year. In fact, the one that the conductor had strongly wanted in this musical event had to give up at the last minute due to Covid. “Unfortunately I won’t be there, I’ll see it from home”, said the actor and comedian. A very bad news, as can be clearly understood, which certainly did not leave one indifferent Amadeus. Now we don’t know what will happen and even less if his figure will be ‘replaced’ by someone else. What we can clearly say, however, is that this is a truly enormous loss. Curious to know who we are talking about?

Dear viewers of Rai Uno, for New Year’s Eve you will have to do without the hilarity and sympathy of Nino Frassica! In fact, it is he who should have accompanied Amadeus in this end-of-year musical event. And that, unfortunately, he cannot attend due to Covid. We do not know if the Sicilian actor will still be there via connection or not, but it can clearly be understood that a big shot is lost.

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Nino FrassicaCovid. Credits: Youtube – gossip only

We wish Nino Frassica a speedy recovery and all of you a happy new year!