Very bad scare for the famous actor: shock confession, he revealed it only now

The famous actor revealed it only now: very ugly fright, shock confession

A terrible scare arrives for the famous actor and he records at the New York subway, the city where the person concerned lives. He was on his way to pick up his daughter when this bad episode happened.

Very bad scare for the actor: shock confession (Source Getty Images)

The famous actor told about this unpleasant event to the microphones of the podcast Armachair by Dax Shepard. The handsome actor actually found himself in a scene from an action movie, when a criminal approached him in the New York subway pointing a knife at him. “It was scary, I realized I had let my guard down too much at the time,” he commented. Fortunately, his reaction was the right one and the Hollywood star knew what to do, thanks to an incredible instinct.

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Very bad scare for the famous actor: shock confession

The actor in question is one of the most famous and appreciated around, sex symbol and even director, it is Bradley Cooper, whose popularity is increasingly on the rise. His latest film, of which he is extremely proud, is currently being released in big theaters. AND Nightmare Alley, film in which Bradley Cooper plays the controversial character Stanton Stan Carlisle. The actor and director told during this podcast that before the outbreak of the pandemic he was on his way to pick up his daughter Lea, had with the former super model Irina Shayk, when a thug approached him on the subway, threatening him with a knife.

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very bad scare for the actor
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Fortunately Bradley Cooper he had strong nerves and excellent instincts. He promptly jumped the subway turnstiles and hid so he could take pictures of the offending man so he could report him to the police. A true civic sense for Bradley Cooper who, even if he confessed to having been afraid, still preferred to contribute to deliver the criminal to the police. The actor revealed “I had begun to feel too safe for the city.” Fortunately, nothing serious happened to him and this very bad episode is just a distant memory.

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A true hero Bradley Cooper, who with his steadfast nerves managed to get out of that bad situation.