Very different from Masterchef: look at it today, impossible to recognize after 10 years

Today it is very different from the days of Masterchef: forget it like this, the very nice Ivan is almost unrecognizable after years.

It was the revelation of the second edition of Masterchef! Competitor of the famous cooking talent in 2012, the thirty-five year old Sicilian employee amply demonstrated what he was made of, managing to beat all the competition and winning fourth place!

Ivan unrecognizable Masterchef. Credits: Youtube

Winner of four tests, two in brigades and two individual, the good Ivan Iurato had the opportunity to surprise the three judges of Masterchef on several occasions. And to demonstrate how much the passion for cooking was truly immense. After 10 years from his participation in the program, however, the beloved Sicilian once again surprises his large audience. In fact, we managed to track him down on Instagram and not only did we discover how his life changed after his Sky talent, but also how he looks like. today both completely different than that shown in Masterchef.

Not only, therefore, Andrea Marconetti – third place in the second edition of Masterchef – has revolutionized his look, but also Ivan is almost unrecognizable years after his participation in the program. Are you curious to see how it has become today? You will hardly recognize it!

Impossible to recognize Ivan today after Masterchef: he is completely different!

After being able to track down the very nice Daiana on Instagram, we could not help but go in search of Ivan Iurato, fourth classified of Masterchef 2. His talent, at the time of the program, did not go unnoticed so much that – despite failure to win – he managed to ride the crest of the wave soon after. Are you curious, though, to know what he is doing today? There are many competitors who participated in the talent that year and who changed their lives immediately after – among these, there is Paola Gallotti – but what do we know about the then thirty-five year old Sicilian? We’ll take care of telling you everything, don’t worry! Be very careful, though: tracking him on Instagram, we discovered not only his current work, but also how good Ivan has changed over the years. We assure you: it is a lot different today after Masterchef!

At the time of his participation in Masterchef, it is reported that Ivan was an employee. Now, after more than 10 years from the talent, it would seem that he does anything else! In fact, on his Instagram bio, we read that the young Iurato is a full-fledged chef. He also defines himself as a nerd, a poet and a dreamer, but what makes us most happy is that Ivan has succeeded in his intent to break into the world of cooking. His ‘new job’, however, isn’t the only thing he’s left us speechless. As we said earlier, even Ivan’s image has completely changed over time. And to admit it, it was the person directly concerned. Watch it today:

different masterchef today
Ivan today. Credits: Instagram

In short, Ivan has definitely changed since the days of Masterched and today he shows himself just like that. For us he is fine, what do you think?