Very few have ever seen her: who is Wanda Nara’s mother? Striking resemblance

Wanda Nara is a very famous character, but few have ever seen her beautiful mother: do you know her? Striking resemblance.

Among the many faces that alternate on our social channels, Wanda Nara is among the most popular. Wife of Mauro Icardi, entrepreneur and manager of the famous Paris Saint Germain footballer, the splendid Argentine is among the undisputed stars of Instagram. Her channel is very popular, but beyond that it cannot be said that it is not active.

Wanda Nara. Credits: Instagram

Wanda Nara loves sharing on her official social channel. Just think, her Instagram profile has more than 6,000 published posts! Really crazy, isn’t it? What captures the most attention, however, is not only the number of shared shots, but also their diversity. The Argentine, in fact, usually publishes photos that show her beauty, but also extensively describe her everyday life.

Not only, therefore, there are shots on photographic sets or of her working reality, but also those that show her in the role of mother and wife. In short, a 360-degree portrait! Have you ever seen her, though mom? His sister Zaira is beautiful and, on several occasions, we have not been able to see their similarity, but what do we know about their mother? We also found some shots of her: she is beautiful!

Have you ever seen Wanda Nara’s mom? Like Mother like daughter

There are many VIPs who love to share shots in the company of their parents. Just recently, for example, we talked to you about Alessandra Amoroso and her resemblance to her mother, remember? The protagonist of our article today, however, is her: the beautiful Wanda Nara! Of Argentine origins, Mauro Icardi’s wife is by no means unknown to the Italian public. For several years, in fact, she has been one of the most loved ‘swags’ of all of us. To date, the life of the Icardi family is completely far from our beautiful country, yet Wanda never misses an opportunity to communicate with her supporters. What, however, we ask you now: are you convinced that you know everything about her? Most likely, you are very wrong! For example, have you ever seen hers mom?

A few days ago, Wanda Nara shared a series of shots in the company of her family and her gorgeous mom. Speaking of the latter, have you ever seen it? We and we were completely blown away by her beauty, but also by their incredible resemblance. Unfortunately, we have very little information about her – we only know that her name is Nora – but what left us most speechless is how much her mother and daughter are similar. Look here:

mom wanda nara
Wanda’s mom. Credits: Instagram

Very close to her mother, Wanda Nara seems to have also inherited her beauty. Really incredible, isn’t it?