Very few have seen Antonella Clerici’s sister: what is her name and what she does in life

Very few have ever seen Antonella Clerici’s sister, do you know what she does? What is her name and what she is concerned with in her life.

It would seem that the month of September is the one of great returns! In addition to resuming normal life by ‘ordinary’ people, there is also the return to the air of our favorite programs. Not only, therefore, the GF Vip – even if the starting date is not yet known with certainty – Men and women and many others, but also It’s always noon with Antonella Clerici.

Sister Clerici. Credits: Instagram

After saying ‘goodbye’ to La prova del cuoco, Antonella Clerici returned to air on Rai Uno with a program tailor-made for her. Yes, just like it happened with Alessia Marcuzzi! At the helm of ‘It’s always noon’ for the third consecutive year, the presenter is ready to entertain the Rai Uno audience just before lunch, recommending succulent dishes to cook and precious tricks. In short, a truly unmissable appointment!

Waiting, however, to be able to see her again on the small screen, we ask you: have you ever seen hers sister? In several interviews, Antonella Clerici has revealed that he has an excellent relationship with her despite the four years of difference, but who is he? And especially, what does he do in life? We’ll take care of telling you everything.

Who is Antonella Clerici’s sister and what does she do in her life

Like Stefano De Martino, Antonella Clerici will always be able to count on the support and affection of her sister. The two, as we said previously, are four years apart, but they boast a relationship to envy. “It’s kind of my conscience. We talk to each other at least twice a day and every fortnight she comes to Rome “, explained some time ago the beloved presenter on the pages of the weekly Chi. It is therefore a truly symbiotic relationship. What do we know, though, about her? What is it called e what does Antonella Clerici’s sister do in life?

Unlike the beloved presenter, her sister has chosen to undertake a professional path completely opposite to hers. On the web, in fact, we read that Cristina Clerici – this is her name – carries out the profession of psychologist. “He pretends not to know me when some customer notices the resemblance to me”, he told the newspaper directed by Alfonso Signorini. What else do you need to know about Antonella Clerici’s sister? Unfortunately, the news we have about her is very minimal. On the web, you read that she lives in Legnano and that she has no children. Here they are in a shot together:

clerici sister what does it do
Antonella and Cristina. Credits: Instagram

They have two completely different lifestyles, but it cannot be said that Antonella and Cristina are sisters: they are two drops of water!