Very few will have forgotten it: it was the star of Non è la rai, but how is it today? Always beautiful!

She became the star of Non è la Rai right from the start, but are you curious to know how she has become today after years? Here it is: always splendid!

There are those who have never seen It is not the rai and there are those who lie. A real ‘must’ of the 90s, Gianni Boncompagni’s program was among the most viewed programs of those years. And even now, despite almost 30 years have passed since its closure, it continues to be very much loved.

It is not the rai. Credits: Instagram

There are many girls who have alternated with Non è la rai, but just as many are those who have been able to collect particular attention right away. Just recently, for example, we told you about Cristina Aranci and her about her life today, remembered? Among those who, however, have been able to ‘break the screen’ since their first performance, there is also her: the beautiful and young Romina Vinciguerra. It was exactly 1992 when the girl joined the fixed cast of the program in the same edition of Romina Mondello – by the way, have you seen what the actress does today? – But she immediately caught everyone. She at the time she became the real one star of Non è la rai, do you remember? Well. What does it do today and how has it become?

Stella di Non is the rai, but how is Romina Vinciguerra today?

He joined the cast of Non è la Rai a year after the landing of the broadcast on Mediaset channels, but in a real blink of an eye Romina Vinciguerra won everyone’s attention. Real star of Non è la rai, the very young girl was part of the program for about two years, until 1994. Although years have passed since the last episode of the broadcast, however, there are many who wonder what happened to today. Are you ready to discover everything in detail too?

We managed to track down the beautiful Romina Vinciguerra on Instagram and we saw her further beauty. We don’t know how her life has changed and what she does today, although apparently she seems to be an art lover, but we couldn’t help but notice her timeless charm. Take a look here:

star It is not the rai
Romina today. Credits: Instagram

Always beautiful, don’t you think?

Do you remember her travel companions?

There are many girls who have alternated during the editions of Non è la Rai, but do you remember who were Romina Vinciguerra’s travel companions? The very young woman, as you will remember, took part in the famous program for two editions, those of 1993/1994 and 1994/1995. This, therefore, means that the sweet Romina had the opportunity to work with Ambra Angiolini, who took over the reins of the program during the last two editions of the program, Miriana Trevisan, Ilaria Galassi and many other beautiful women.