Very few will recognize him after Vite al Limite: today Lucas is stunned, hard to believe

Seeing how Lucas has become today after Lives on the Limit will leave you speechless: very few will recognize him, really hard to believe.

A real shocking change, the one we are going to tell you about and which has many aspects similar to that of Justin McSwain. The protagonist of our article is him: the very young Lucas! Made known by all the audience of Lives to the Limit During the tenth season of the program, Dr. Nowzaradan’s young patient has given birth to an impressive transformation.

How is Lucas di Vite al Limite today. Credits: Discovery

“Shocking”, this is the adjective that came to mind when we tracked down the young Lucas on Instagram and discovered his transformation. Obviously, we’ll take care of showing you everything in detail, but before we do we want to tell you his story. At the time of his participation in Vite al Limite, Lucas’ weight reached nearly 300 kg. How did he get to these levels? It would seem that the young man was conditioned by a difficult life. Lucas, in fact, explained that he was not considered at all by his parents and thus began to vent his jealousy and frustration in food. Let’s find out together, however, how he became.

How did Lucas become today after Vite al Limite? Impressive

Since its participation in Lives to the limit, Lucas has achieved great results. In fact, on the television cameras of the program, the young man never lost an opportunity to reiterate how much it was necessary for him to get back in shape. And, let’s face it, the achievement did not disappoint the expectations of his admirers. Thanks to the diet imposed on him by Doctor Nowzaradan, in fact, the good Higdin lost almost 70 kg, satisfying the requests of the Iranian surgeon.

A decidedly screaming goal, the one achieved by Lucas at the end of the twelve months spent within the Real Time program. And above all he underlines how much getting back in shape had become a necessity for him. On the other hand, obesity is not only a pathological condition that must be ‘resolved’ for an aesthetic aspect, but above all for one’s health. How many times, in fact, have we happened to talk to you about all those problems that have arisen as a result of the extra pounds? Definitely a lot!

That said, a great many are wondering how Dr. Nowzaradan’s very nice patient has become today. Are you curious to know too? You will be shocked! We tracked down young Lucas on Instagram and were blown away when we discovered his transformation. Much like that of Zsalynn, young Higdin’s change really puts the chills: very few will recognize him. You won’t believe your eyes at all, look here:

screw to the limit lucas today
Lucas today. Credits: instagram

Quite a shocking transformation, don’t you think?