Very hot New Year’s Eve with the African anticyclone, weather forecast

Expected maximum temperatures of 10°C in Milan as in Cortina d’Ampezzo at 1200 meters above sea level, 18 degrees in Rome

New Year’s Eve 2022-2023 without cold, indeed very hot, an anomalous toast like last year, in short, with a monstrous African anticyclone. Just to mention a few numbers, maximum temperatures of 10°C are expected in Milan as in Cortina d’Ampezzo at 1200 meters above sea level, 18 degrees in Rome for a spring New Year’s Eve, 21-23°C again in Sicily and Sardinia. And even at 2000 meters the temperatures will struggle to drop below zero during the midnight toast.

Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of, explains in fact that, just like a year ago, the African anticyclone will be very robust and extended, in an anomalous way, from Algeria to Ukraine. Indeed, global warming will once again bring spring values ​​for the New Year.

As for the forecasts in detail, there is still not only heat and sun in Italy: low clouds or fog have been gripping the plains and hills of the Centre-North for two weeks. The African anticyclone will continue to crush the humidity in the lower layers also in the coming days, unfortunately favoring gray skies in the valley bottoms; the sun will once again be the protagonist in the mountains, along the Adriatic side and in the South. Between Northern Italy and Tuscany, there will also be a rapid Atlantic perturbation by Friday, with showers and isolated short snowfalls: the snow level is expected to be around 1300 -1500 meters in the Alps, while the flakes will unfortunately melt, once again, under the highest peaks of the Apennines; the Apennine ridge in fact presents a decidedly hot situation for the period and the ski season is struggling to take off.

Therefore, another mild week awaits us, even very hot between 30 December and the first day of 2023 when the African anticyclone will reach its peak of power: with the start of the new year, this high pressure situation should collapse due to subsequent colder attacks from the West and East.

‘Epiphany takes all the heat away’? It’s possible! At the moment, even snowfalls in the Po Valley for 6 January 2023 are not excluded. A date to mark, at least for the end of the anomalous heat and for the arrival of a bit of cold capable of moving the highly polluted air of Northern Italy, cleaning it up a bit.

Today, Wednesday 28 December – In the north: mists or low clouds in the plains, sun in the mountains. In the centre: local mists, but also many clouds, sun in Sardinia. In the south: sunny.

Tomorrow, Thursday 29 December – In the north: scattered showers by evening. Middle: showers in Upper Tuscany, dry elsewhere. In the south: partly cloudy skies. u

Friday 30 December – In the north: mists and/or overcast skies. In the centre: partly cloudy sky with rain in upper Tuscany. In the south: mostly sunny and mild.

Trend. Sunny and warm New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve, except for low clouds in the Centre-North.