Very serious mourning for the beloved movie star: tragic death for the actor

Very painful mourning in the family for the famous actor of many successful films: the face of cinema has lost a very dear person.

He is one of the stars who with their career have contributed to writing the history of cinema world. Not only as an interpreter, but also as a director and producer. Not surprisingly, he has been nominated five times for the Oscar as best actor and on two occasions he managed to bring home the famous statuette.

Tragic actor who disappeared (Credits: Youtube)

In these hours, his spokesperson and the Daily Mail unfortunately, however, they gave sad news concerning him. A person very dear to him has died, but at the moment no announcement has come from him. It is about his mothera great theatrical actress who we also saw on the set of a historic TV series.

The woman was 94 years old and in a few days, exactly next October 16, she would have turned 95. For now, no details have been provided on the causes that led to the death which took place in her home in Malibu last Sunday 9. The actor , evidently very impressed by the news, he did not make any kind of statement even on his social profiles, preferring silence to process the pain.

Famous actor struck by a terrible mourning: moment of great pain for the movie star

The Hollywood star we’re talking about is Sean Pennborn in Santa Monica in 1960 and the face of famous films such as The mystery of water And All the king’s men. His mother, Eileen Ryanpassed away and many fans of the woman, as well as the actor, will be truly saddened by the news.

In fact, many remember her in the historic show The house on the prairie, where, among other things, Sean also made his debut when he was only 14 years old. Or in the movie Magnolia and in My name is Sam, in which he acted with his son. Of Italian descent, her father was the dentist Amerigo Giuseppe Annucci and her mother the nurse Rose Isabel Ryan. In 1957, Ryan met the man who would be the father of Sean and his brothers, the actor and director. Leo Penn. An evidently strong love, enough to push both to take the big step of the wedding after only a few months.

The two never broke up until his death in 1998 at the age of 77. In addition to Sean, two other children were also born from the marriage: Michael Penn, who dedicated his life to music, and Chris Penn, a less successful actor than his brother and who unfortunately died just 40 years old in an accident in 2006.

Mourning cinema actor
Serious bereaved actor in the family (Credits: Youtube)

We offer our deepest condolences to Sean Penn for this loss which must be truly heartbreaking for him, given how much he appeared to be linked to his mom.