Very small, but already adorable: did you recognize it? Impossible not to notice it

Can you recognize this sweet little girl in the shot? Very small but already adorable .. Let’s find out who it is!

Someone may have already recognized it, someone else has probably guessed something and someone else still needs some little clue that we now reveal to you!

Tiny but already adorable: can you recognize this gorgeous little girl? (Photo source Instagram)

The little girl in this shot is now a very famous face on TV and in particular on social media. You some time ago you made a lot of talk about yourself. She was a competitor of one of the most followed reality shows and currently still in vogue. In this shot she is only a very young child, today she is a beautiful woman and she is 31 years old. Her gaze is lively and very sweet. Her origins are not Italian. She and her family arrived in Italy very young and right here the doors of success opened up for her.

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From these little clues, without peering at the shot below, were you able to recognize it? This very small but already adorable little girl is today an influencer and a beloved showgirl. Who is it about? Let’s find out!

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Very small but already adorable: impossible not to notice that detail, did you recognize it?

And if we told you Rodriguez, does something come to mind? Yes exactly we are talking about the beautiful Argentine showgirl, Cecilia Rodriguez. Sister of Belen Rodriguez, Cecilia moved to Italy at the age of 18. In 2015 you participated as a competitor in The Island of the Famous, and success came from there. She did a lot of talking about herself when attending the Big Brother Vip in 2017 she left her boyfriend Francesco Monte because she was in love with Ignazio Moser. Today the two live happily together and plan their future day after day. In the shot shown in the introduction we showed you Cecilia Rodriguez when she was still only one girl, a very sweet little girl. You have managed to notice this ‘particular’ detail?

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very small but already adorable

It is easy to see how for Cecilia time seems to have stopped. To this day, Cecilia Rodriguez is still identical to when she was just one very small but already adorable girl. Beautiful then as today, don’t you think?