Very unpleasant incident at GF Vip: bad fright for everyone, what happened

Very unfortunate incident at GF VIP: no doubt it must have been a nasty scare for everyone, what exactly happened.

If the shocking quarrel that saw Alfonso Signorini as protagonist was not enough for viewers to stay nailed to the small screen, the bad accident happened live to leave everyone with their mouths open. What happened? Let’s proceed with order!

Bad accident live. Credits: mediaset Play

A sixth episode of the decidedly crackling GF Vip, the one aired on Thursday 6 October. Starting from the letter that Marco Bellavia wanted to write to his former travel companions up to the furious clash between Alfonso Signorini and Sara Manfuso, the latest live broadcast by GF Vip has been confirmed as totally unmissable.

As well as all previous events, even in this one that was broadcast a few hours ago nothing was absolutely missing! There were many exciting moments and clashes, but there were also ‘moments of fear’. In the middle of the episode, in fact, there was a bad accident, which frightened everyone present at home and in the studio a bit.

Bad accident live at GF Vip: big scare, what happened

It can’t always go smoothly like oil. There are occasions when the unexpected is always around the corner, really playing tricks! The former face of the GF Vip who was the protagonist of a unpleasant incident live, frightening everyone in the studio. Fortunately, nothing serious happened at all and the beloved TV face immediately recovered, but you can clearly understand that it must have been a really bad scare. What happened?

Undisputed face of the last edition of the GF VIP, Carmen Russo is back in the beloved reality show of Canale 5. Sitting behind Giovanni Ciacci and Sara Manfuso, the beloved TV dancer has shown how much she is still attached to the program and how she carefully follows all the dynamics of the game.

It goes without saying that even Alfonso Signorini, calm the waters for a moment, wanted to call his ex Vippona at the study center to give her the greeting she so deserves. So far so good, we could say, but very soon something unthinkable happened. When she reached the landlord in the study center, Carmen did not realize the step and fell dramatically. “The legs no longer perform, you saw”, Russo joked.

accident gf vip
Carmen and Alfonso. Credits: Mediaset Play

Luckily Carmen Russo didn’t do anything at all and immediately got up, but let’s just imagine that her fright must have been really huge.

It is definitely not the first time this has happened …

It would seem that Carmen Russo’s energy is by no means the first time she has played tricks on him! A few hours ago, as we said, the beloved dancer fell into the studio of GF Vip to join Alfonso Signorini at the studio center, but how can we forget what happened to the former Vippona to Bella Mà, the broadcast by Pierluigi Diaco? Really impossible! Also in this case, in fact, the beautiful Russo took a really big risk, but she easily recovered.