Vesta Lugg demonstrates how to combine mom jeans with heels and is all the rage on TikTok

Vesta Lugg is a Canadian actress and model, but at the age of three she moved to our country with her family. Once the adolescent stage was over, she decided to travel to the city of Toronto to study acting. Years later, she decided to dedicate herself to music, so she has a few singles in her career. On her social networks she is very active and shows off her beauty and on this occasion, Pablo Galdames’s girlfriend, she surprised when she taught how to combine mom jeans with heels in TikTok and it went viral.

The race of Vesta Lugg She started when she was only 10 years old and she did it by participating in the soap opera ‘BKN’ where she had to impersonate ‘Brenda Hilton’. She was in the series from 2006 to 2012. While she was studying acting in her country of origin, the young woman participated in some movies. To add something more to her career, she decided to launch herself as a singer and thanks to her single ‘Problem Child’, she managed to place it among the best 50 songs in our country and reached more than 300,000 views. Another aspect to highlight is that she became a model.

Vesta Lugg devoted herself to music. Source Instagram @vestalugg

For some years now Vesta Lugg She maintains an affair with the soccer player Pablo Galdames, who is currently playing for Cremonese in Serie A in Italy and who had a spell at Vélez Sarsfield in Argentina. The singer caused controversy in the last few hours by expressing herself in relation to the case of Jordhy Thompson, a Colo Colo player who was accused of gender violence by his partner. The singer asked that the club take action on the matter and sent her support to the partner involved.

Vesta Lugg as a model. Source Instagram @vestalugg

On the other hand, Vesta Lugg She is very active on her social networks, where she has a million followers on Instagram and on TikTok as well. There she is in charge of carrying out the most viral challenges on the network and she usually surprises with videos with her boyfriend. In the last few hours, the model caused a furor by demonstrating how to combine clothes for a luxurious event that she will have in the coming days.

On this occasion, Vesta Lugg He taught how to combine mom jeans with heels in the best way and that on TikTok they went viral. The actress and singer assured that it is the look that she will use for an important event of the Gucci brand. In addition, she is in charge of confirming why she is one of the most beautiful women of all.