Via a historic bridge to allow the mega yacht of Bezos to pass, controversy in Rotterdam

The founder of Amazon would cover all the costs, but the citizens are not there

Dismantling the historic Koningshaven bridge, known as’ De Hef ‘and built in 1878 in Rotterdam, to allow billionaire Jeff Bezos’ mega yacht to pass through. Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb had already given his green light, also because the costs of the removal and subsequent reassembly of the bridge would all be borne by the founder of Amazon. But now, as the Frankfurter Allgemeine writes, he is rethinking it. After the protest of the citizens, in fact, the same administrators who had given the authorization to Bezos now say that the plan has not yet been approved. In fact, the environmental and economic effects of the removal and reconstruction of the central part of the bridge, as well as any damage due to its conservation, still need to be assessed.

Tour guide Eddy le Couvreur explained to the New York Times that the bridge, designed by Dutch architect Pieter Joosting, is an institution in the Rotterdam skyline and was once used for rail traffic. It has a vertical lift and was the first of its kind in the Basis Country, later copied to the United States. The bridge’s modern industrial aesthetic inspired a short film in 1928, he added. Severely damaged during a bombing raid in the 1940s, it was one of the first structures to be rebuilt after the Second World War. It was restored in 2017.

Meanwhile, Amazon is silent, as well as Oceanco, the Dutch custom yacht company that is building the boat and that in an email to the New York Times explained that it cannot comment on projects under construction or customers for confidentiality reasons. Meanwhile, Boat International, which publishes articles on the superyacht industry, reported that the one under construction for Bezos is set to become the largest sailboat in the world, at 127 meters in length, when completed by the end of the year. year. It will also surpass the Sea Cloud, a sailing boat built in 1931 and owned by Yacht Portfolio, an investment company based in Malta. Bloomberg reported that the construction of the superyacht could cost more than $ 500 million to Bezos who is the second richest person in the world after Tesla CEO Elon Musk.