Vialli, Gravina’s letter: “You made a group of normal people exceptional”

“We of the Azzurra family hold each other in a big hug, physical and virtual, to try to find comfort and try to alleviate the suffering of detachment from such a special person”

“Dear Gianluca, after all it’s just a question of hugs. The long and warm embrace of the fans and of all football enthusiasts that accompanied your exceptional career as a footballer”. These are the words of the president of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, who entrusts his emotional memory to a letter written to Gianluca Vialli, who died two days ago.

“The indissoluble embrace that binds you to the people who have had the good fortune to know you closely and who love you. The unexpected embrace that we exchanged in the first phone call in which you accepted the role of national team delegation head with enthusiasm, but also with the modesty that characterized your victorious experience as a federal executive. The intense embrace, tears, smiles and experiences that you exchanged with Roberto in a moment of collective ecstasy, yet so intimate and private”.

“And even now, in the deep pain in which we have abandoned ourselves for the news that we never wanted to receive, we of the Azzurra family embrace each other in a big physical and virtual embrace, to try to find comfort and try to alleviate the suffering of the detachment from such a special person. Because – writes Gravina – this is precisely the point, dear Gianluca, you are the special person who has contributed to making a group of normal people exceptional. It was your elegant charisma, together with your desire to to live and to win that you instilled in everyone, to make the Azzurri, your Azzurri, European Champions”.

“At Wembley, Italy made history also and above all thanks to your ability to make the people around you better with reflections that are never trivial, with curious questions and whispered advice. A unique contribution and heritage both from a human and professional. This is why the image that I can’t get out of my mind is much more than a memory, it’s a legacy that survives the pain. It’s the hug with which the Italian fans in London greeted you after the European triumph in July 2021 Thousands of arms that have surrounded you once again and that no longer wanted to let you go. Like today. Have a good trip”, concludes Gravina.