Vialli hospitalized in London, fans on social media: “Come on Gianluca”

La Gazzetta dello Sport speaks of aggravated health conditions. Hundreds of messages of closeness and affection

Sports world and not just anxious for Gianluca Vialli whose health conditions, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, would have worsened. According to the sports daily, in fact, “yesterday news came from London, where the former striker moved to live years ago, that his conditions had worsened to the point of forcing his hospitalization in the clinic where Vialli had already sustained the two cycles of chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer discovered in 2017. The moment is very delicate: the proof – says the Gazzetta – is the journey of the 87-year-old mother Maria Teresa, who left Cremona for England in the afternoon”.

The health problems of the champion, now head of the Azzurri’s delegation, had recently forced him to announce the suspension from working activities, when on December 14th he had communicated his absence on the occasion of the next national team matches, expected in 2023 from the start of qualifying for the 2024 European Championship. “At the end of a long and difficult ‘negotiation’ with my wonderful team of oncologists, I have decided to suspend, hopefully temporarily, my present and future professional commitments” Vialli had said. “The goal – he explained – is to use all my psycho-physical energies to help my body overcome this phase of the disease, in order to be able to face new adventures as soon as possible and share them with all of you. A hug “, the greeting of the former footballer.

Meanwhile, hundreds of messages of affection and closeness to Vialli tweeted in the last few hours by fans and non-fans waiting to receive official news. “Come on, come on, come on, come on, Gianluca”, “Come on Luca, fight with all the strength you have left. Don’t give up, we’re all rooting for you. This is an important battle, the most important of your life, you can’t lose it”, “Don’t give up Gianluca”, some of the comments that appeared only in the last few minutes on social media.