Vicenza, man killed in shootout with carabinieri: he shouted ‘Allah Akbar’

The victim had stolen a gun from a soldier with which he hit a local police officer, in a non-serious way

A man of North African origin was killed in a shootout with the carabinieri in the province of Vicenza, between Breganze and Fara Vicentino. According to an initial reconstruction of the facts, the man would have gone into a rage in the street, starting to shout ‘Allah Akbar’.

Upon the arrival of two Carabinieri, he would then lash out at them, stealing from one of the two the pistol with which, after a struggle, he shot a policeman who had arrived in the meantime on the spot. The other policeman would then have shot and killed him.

The policeman was hit by two bullets and underwent lung surgery in a hospital in Vicenza. He’s not in danger of life.

MAYOR – “It certainly wasn’t foreseeable, we’ve never had so many public safety problems and something like this had never happened. I’m terribly sorry for the injured Local Police officer, I’m sorry for the carabinieri because I don’t think it’s pleasant either I think it was certainly not an easy choice and I’m sorry for the deceased person, I didn’t know him but when these things happen I’m always sorry,” Maria Teresa Sperotto, mayor of Fara Vicentino, told Adnkronos. “The officer was seriously injured, but his life is not in danger – Sperotto reports – it seems that the man, the attacker, was deranged and who, we don’t know how, managed to take the gun from one of the carabinieri intervened and opened fire, forcing the military to respond”.