Victoria Beckham hopes to become the ‘cool and fun’ grandmother of the Brooklyn Beckham kids

According to Heat Magazine, fashion designer Victoria Beckham even jokes with her husband David Beckham that they’ll be “great and fun grandparents.”

The aspiring chef and his actress wife expressed their desire to have a big family with Brooklyn and even said, “I could have kids yesterday,” in one of their recent interviews.

Victoria and David celebrated Nicola and Brooklyn’s first wedding anniversary together, leaving behind the feud and “badness” that accompanied it earlier this month.

“David and Victoria have worked so hard for so long to build bridges with Brooklyn and Nicola,” the source told the outlet.

“They have hated being separated from their eldest son and took every opportunity to extend an olive branch. It’s been a huge relief to finally put it all behind us.”

The source continued: “Vic is hopeful that the two families can put all the meanness behind them and move on – she knows they will spend even more time together once Brooklyn and Nicola start having babies, and she doesn’t want to be thrown out when that happen.”

“She keeps joking with David that they will make great and fun grandparents since Nicola’s mother Claudia is almost 70 and her father Nelson is in his eighties. And of course, she’s doing everything she can to make sure she’s the world’s most glamorous granny!

“Vic is determined to be the sexiest granny in the world. As much as she loves babies, she feels too young for that label. She’s already looking forward to getting older and is serious about looking good, so she’s been even more focused on her workouts and beauty regimen to be ‘grandma-ready.’”