Victoria Beckham is sure: “Do you want to be thin?”, Her words startle

“Do you want to be thin?”: Victoria Beckham is sure, here’s what she said about it.

Victoria Beckham became known worldwide in 1996, the debut year of the Spice Girls, the British musical group of which she was a part and which had an incredible success, selling millions of records all over the world.

“Do you want to be thin?”, Victoria Beckham is sure (Credits: instagram)

When the group’s business ended, he continued to work solo and later started a second business in the fashion world. Today she is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs. She recently was the protagonist of a photo shoot published on Grazia Uk and in addition to the shots she gave an interview in which she talked about an important topic, the change in the canons of beauty from when it debuted to the present day. And in reference to this, some of his statements have had great development.

Victoria Beckham is sure: “Do you want to be thin?” Is what she said

Lately Victoria Beckham gave an interview to Grazia Uk in which he addressed the issue of the change in beauty standards from its beginnings to today. We can understand that in recent years, although not everywhere, the world of fashion has become much more inclusive, also accepting aesthetic standards that were previously far from choices.

The entrepreneur in this regard, linking the discourse to the ‘concept’ of thinness, explained that today modern women want to appear healthy and curvy: “I think today’s women want to look healthy and curvy, they want to have breasts and bottoms. Do you want to be thin? It’s an old-fashioned attitude to want to be really thin “, He says.

victoria beckham thinness concept
Credits: instagram

Victoria says it’s not about being a certain size but you need to be happy with yourself: “I found my balance between the desire to have fun and be disciplined, in healthy eating and in training “. Also in the interview she says that for example in Miami there are many curvy women who walk along Miami Beach with few dresses and they are fantastic: “Their attitude and style are truly liberating “ and concludes by saying that if before he fought against equilibrium now being bigger, he has reached a point where he knows what it is: “Being older I have reached a point where I know what that balance looks like. I know what works in me“.