VIDEO: Karol G cares for and reassures a fan who suffered a panic attack when she saw her

Colombian singer Carol G. She is not only known for her musical hits, but also for her big heart. During her visit to Madrid to promote her most recent album, the artist starred in a moment that has gone around the world.

In the streets of the Spanish capital, hundreds of fans anxiously awaited the arrival of the ‘Bichota’. Seeing her leave the restaurant where she was, euphoria broke out and everyone wanted to get closer to her. However, one young woman failed to get a photo or a hug, causing her to have a panic attack.

The fan began to scream and cry uncontrollably, but Carol G. He didn’t hesitate to do something about it. The singer ordered the truck she was in to stop and called the girl to come closer. He held her and comforted her until she felt better, and then took some pictures of her with her.

This gesture of Carol G. It has been widely discussed in the media and on social networks, and has been highlighted as an example of empathy and solidarity towards fans. In addition, it is not the first time that the artist surprises her followers with a gesture of this type.

In October last year, during a concert in the United States, a fan gave birth during the song “Maquinón”. Karol G went to the hospital to visit the young mother and the newborn, once again demonstrating the most human and close side of him.

Fame has not changed the noble heart of Karol G, who has become a benchmark for his fans not only for his musical talent, but also for his humble and caring attitude.