Vienna, activists throw black liquid on Klimt painting – Video

On the painting ‘Death and Life’ exhibited in the Leopold Museum

Climate activists have thrown black liquid on the painting ‘Death and Life’, one of the masterpieces of the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt exhibited in the Leopold Museum in Vienna. The gesture was claimed by the group ‘Last Generation’ in a post on Twitter which underlined that “the new oil and gas wells are a death sentence for humanity”.

The post also contains a video showing an activist throwing black liquid at the painting and then being stopped by one of the custodians. Museum officials are working to establish whether ‘Morte e Vita’, protected by glass, has been damaged. Today, admission to the Leopold was free as part of a day sponsored by the Austrian oil company Omv.

The episode is just the latest in a series that has seen eco-activists smear prestigious works of art in major European capitals, including Rome.