Vieri and Costanza Caracciolo: how their love was born, an unpublished story

Former footballer Bobo Vieri tells for the first time unpublished details about the love that binds him for years to the former Velina Costanza Caracciolo.

Among the most solid and united famous couples of all time there is certainly the one formed by Christian Vieri And Costanza Caracciolo. In recent years the two have become parents of two beautiful girls, Star and Isabeland in 2019, before the second child was born, they got married in secret.

Vieri and his wife Costanza Caracciolo (Credits: Instagram)

It was the March 18 and the ceremony took place at the Municipality of Milan with only two witnesses: his brother and her cousin. After the birth of the first daughter, the ex Velina di Strip the News she has moved away from TV a bit, preferring to devote herself to the activity of influencer and to carry on her entrepreneurial project. Caracciolo has in fact created one with great success hair spray useful to untie the knots.

She and Christian have formed a truly wonderful family, but have you ever wondered how this love story came about? The former footballer thought about revealing it, along with other unpublished details, in an interview granted to the Corriere della Sera.

Bobo Vieri and Costanza Caracciolo, everything you didn’t know about their love

The times when Vieri was one of the golden bachelors of Italy seem distant: different stories and acquaintances lived, among which you will certainly remember the one with another ex Velina or Elisabetta Canaliswhich kept the bench in the pink magazines during the early 2000s.

At a certain point, however, the champion completely changed his life thanks to the meeting with his ‘Coco’. To the Courier she said that everything between them happened in the most natural way possible: “I had known Costanza for years, nothing had ever happened, then a game begins: I rate the photos she posts on Instagram. High grades. Click. I wasn’t ready before ”.

Without realizing it, the two found themselves in love and after just three months the first baby arrived. “I’m just fine with Coco. I do not need anything. Least of all to program: I am denied for programming, I have to live the daily “. About the new one dad life started a few years ago, the sportsman could not be happier and of his two girls he says: “They are the greatest joy of my life, other than the goals”.

As for the idea of ​​a ‘third stork’, it seems that now is not on the agenda: “I’m fine. I think Coco is fine too ”. Who knows if a second wedding ceremony will not arrive for the beloved couple, perhaps this time with a large reception with the loved ones.

Vieri and Caracciolo
Bobo Vieri and his wife Costanza Caracciolo (Credits: Instagram)

Meanwhile, you can follow Christian and Costanza on social networks: do you also find them wonderful together?