Vietnam, fire in a condominium in Hanoi: at least 11 dead

An apartment building where around 150 people live was affected by a fire last night in Hanoi, Vietnam, the causes of which are not yet clear. Firefighters and rescue teams are looking for several people who were in the house when the fire broke out. This was confirmed by the Vietnamese press agency while there are at least 11 victims, as announced by the capital’s hospitals.

Rescue and search for the missing

So far, a total of 70 people have been rescued, 54 of whom are hospitalized but, as mentioned, dozens of people are still missing due to death or injuries. The fire broke out at around 11.50pm local time in a ten-storey apartment building located on a plot of around 200 square meters in the Thanh Xuan neighborhood of Hanoi. Eyewitnesses reported that the fire broke out in the motorcycle parking lot on the ground floor, forcing people to seek refuge on the top floor and on the roofs of nearby houses, while others managed to lower themselves with a rope from the windows. Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang also arrived on site. The fire was eventually put out, allowing rescue teams to go into action. Several men, climbing from the facade, managed to save people who were on the upper floors, while the search for the missing continues unabated.