Vigolo (Acea): ‘Fundamental for technological and business development’

“Acea’s Innovation Day becomes the Innovation Tour. For Acea, innovation is fundamental for technological development and business development”. These are the words of Ivan Vigolo, Acea Chief Innovation Officer, present in Naples for the second stage of the Acea Innovation Tour, which took place yesterday in the convention center of the Stazione Marittima, as part of the ‘Green Med Symposium’.

“We have coined a new term – underlined Vigolo – it is about ‘unsustainability’ or innovation in support of sustainability, to achieve objectives such as sustainability and ecological transition. In Naples, for this second stage of the tour, our center meets the territory, going to do discovery, intercepting needs and then implementing solutions in a pragmatic and real way “.

“We must always be useful to the community – Vigolo highlighted – We have also coined, after the digital transformation, the transformation from user to customer. Any person, any citizen who has an interaction with Acea represents the concept of customer and is therefore placed at the center of our thoughts “.