Viña del Mar 2024: what day does María Becerra perform and where to get tickets

María Becerra is an Argentine singer who belongs to the Latin pop, R&B and reggaeton genre who has managed to become known throughout the world for her songs. At 23 years old, the “Baby of Argentina” as she is nicknamed, is living the best stage of her artistic career and will not only perform in a stadium for the first time, but will also be in our country. in it Viña del Mar International Festival and below, all the details.

The race of Maria Becerra She did not start out as a singer, but as a teenager she dedicated herself to creating content on YouTube, where she was named the most important YouTuber in her country. It was not until 2019 that she started in the musical world and from there she has managed to establish herself in the industry. Her first album was called ‘Animal’ and the following year ‘La Nena de Argentina’.

María Becerra announced her concert at the River Plate stadium. Source Instagram @mariabecerra

The present of Maria Calf It couldn’t be better and the ‘Automático’ singer confirmed that she will build her first football stadium, which will be in March 2024 at the River Plate Monumental Stadium. As soon as she announced the sale of tickets, they sold out in no time. In addition, she has just released her new song called ‘Piscina’ where she features the collaboration of Chencho Corleone and the video was filmed in Miami.

By the end of this 2023, Maria Becerra He already has a series of concerts and presentations planned and has just been one of the stars nominated for the Latin Grammys. But, for fans of the singer in our country, they will be able to see her at the Viña del Mar International Festival in the 2024 edition. La Nena from Argentina will be in charge of closing the festival when she performs on March 1, 2024.

María Becerra will close Viña del Mar. Source Instagram @mariabecerra

This way, Maria Becerra She will express all her talent at Quinta Vergara next year and will be accompanied that night by the Mexican singer Peso Pluma. Meanwhile, the young 23-year-old singer shows off all her beauty on her Instagram account, where she has more than 13 and a half million followers, showing off her best looks.

María Becerra shows off all her beauty. Source Instagram @mariabecerra