Vinicio Capossela, in concert at Expo 2020 Dubai with ‘La Bestiale Comedia’

Vinicio Capossela on Expo 2020 Dubai

“Surely those who work in the field of culture, music and entertainment have heard a lot about the crisis” of the pandemic, and that of the workers “is a situation to always keep in mind, also because Italy has never yet drawn up legislation that protects those who he works in entertainment. But beyond that, I believe that for every citizen, claiming the right to culture is important and necessary, even in an exceptional situation “. This is the message launched by Vinicio Capossela (PHOTO HISTORY) speaking at Expo 2020 Dubai, where it will be in concert on November 29 at the Jubilee Stage. “During the siege of Sarajevo it continued to play, as in Leningrad, and in very hard tests. Music, arts, culture, everything that is sharing should not give way to the replacement of community experience with the immune one. “, says the singer-songwriter, underlining that” it is an extremely complex situation “, but” the regulations are made above all to protect production and consumption, and culture is often treated differently: it is not clear why it should be more dangerous attend a concert hall than a shopping mall “.

a concert to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death

Capossela’s concert in Dubai will be a concert to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri, a “Bestiale Comedy” that takes up some of the innumerable themes of the work of the Supreme Poet. “In a place like this one comes a little to think of the political Dante, who at the end of the previous era and at the beginning of mercantile society expressed his ‘universal judgment’, this ‘she-wolf’ who is never satisfied and who could be very well the allegory of capitalism as an end in itself, which, like Lucifer, mechanically destroys men. There are many themes that make Dante always relevant, and perhaps this is what comes to mind most in a context like this “, says the songwriter. But in the Comedy “there is not only hell, there is also purgatory and heaven. There is this journey to lose attachment to material goods and arrive at a liberation from this form of bestiality. A journey towards the light, the intellect that moves things “to” arrive at an experience of grace, which is not only spiritual but civil “.

“Music is one of the most extraordinary forms of connection”

In the slogan of Expo Dubai there is the word ‘connect’, and “Dante connected all the language of his time, merging it into a first shareable experience”, underlines Capossela. “Music is one of the most extraordinary forms of connection and of greatest potential, because it goes beyond languages” and “travels across borders. Often, those who cross borders and cannot bring anything but the echo of their music” . For Capossela, the Italian Pavilion at Expo tells how our country has “expressions that come from very particular stories. We are in the center of the Mediterranean” and “I personally see Italy as a country that is not geographically extended but extended in depth. We have roots that come from the most ancient cultures “and” the last part of the pavilion “, dedicated to memory,” expresses this treasure and bond well. anything, which sometimes marks the fortune of new civilizations. We have a solid anchor that can sometimes be a burden, but I still feel it as a solid foundation on which to stand up. “

Linked to the theme of memory, “I published a book called Eclissica, which collects these 15 years, from 2005 to 2020”, he recalls. “The title allegorically refers to this darkening, this suspension of time for the health emergency. But sometimes the eclipse is not just turning off the light, but a moment of revelation: when the light goes out we pay attention to the brighter things that we have put aside and on the things we have to focus on. For the moment I have made a great call to the appeal of memory “. And on the next projects, “the future is not written, as Joe Strummer said”.