Viñuela said that he went through dark moments after suffering a million-dollar scam from Alberto Chang

“I missed the liquidity of 20 years of work», Confessed the former animator of Mekano, without disclosing the exact number involved in the scam. But what she did say is that he had to reinvent himself and work from a multi-level, selling personal care machines. To achieve this, he toured all of Chile, from Punta Arenas to Alto Hospicio.

Alberto Chang’s scam affected not only Viñuela, but also many other people who invested in his project. According to the entertainer, there were people who got sick and died as a result of the scam. Despite the fact that Viñuela got up and found a way to get ahead, pain and anger accompanied him for a long time.

In 2016, the year of the scam, Viñuela he was in one of the worst moments of his life. “I was an entity. My older son I was just born, I had resigned from TVN without offers, trusting that my liquidity was well invested», he remembered.

The situation pushed him to the limit, so much so that He confessed to having thought about suicide. «I remember that I would go out into the street and cry and cry. If she hadn’t had Diego maybe I would have taken my life“, said.

Viñuela cannot understand how it is possible for someone like Chang to walk freely down the street, and criticized the negligence of the Chilean state that failed to extradite the country’s biggest economic criminal. For the animator, this shows a lack of interest in doing justice, unlike the case of Rafael Garay, who they did manage to find in Romania for a money scam. 1,800 million pesos.

Chang’s scam not only cost José Miguel Viñuela his liquidity and work, but also his emotional stability.