Viola: “The risk of alcohol is a scientific fact”

“Stunned by controversy over consolidated evidence”

The risks of cancerrelated to even moderate consumption of alcohol, are a scientific fact“. Says the immunologist Antonella Viola to Adnkronos Salute, reacting to the controversies of these hours after her statements on the health dangers associated with the consumption of wine, even in limited quantities. “They are consolidated evidence, reported by the Higher Institute of health, by the WHO, by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). There is no discussion about this: science is not discussed”. For this reason “I am appalled by what is happening. I expected the reaction, more than understandable, producers and traders, not this racket from colleagues“.

“Science tells us that ethanol is carcinogenic. We are not talking about a drink in particular, but about this substance, present, in different concentrations, in all alcoholic beverages: wine, but also beer, spirits. Ethanol is included in the list of type one carcinogens, those for which the relationship with the development of tumors is certain. There are no doubts, therefore, just as there aren’t for benzene and asbestos, substances always present in the list of type one carcinogens”. These “are the scientific evidences. So either we think it’s all a lie, and all the international and national organizations lie to us, or we can’t say that moderate consumption is good for you or it doesn’t do anything. The data are very clear: there are some tumors directly associated with even very moderate consumption of alcohol, the classic two glasses a day, and they are cancer of the mouth, that of the esophagus and above all breast cancer”.

With consumption at higher doses there are also risks of liver cancer, colon cancer and so on. I am really surprised to hear some colleagues who deny this evidence, arguing that the problem is only related to abuse. The data tell us that even a single glass a day causes damage and increases the risk of cancer,” says Viola.