Violante, ‘balance between exploitation of the sea and environmental protection’

This was underlined by the president of the Leonardo Foundation

”We must work for a balance between the exploitation of marine resources and the protection of the environment. Now it can be faced with a certain serenity. We need to prevent religious wars between extreme environmentalists and extreme exploiters from arising in a while. Healing the sea serves to heal the earth”. This was underlined by the president of the Leonardo Foundation, Luciano Violante, on the occasion of ‘Maredì’, the new in-depth program on the economy of the sea created by Confitarma.

”The seabed contains rare earths and materials that are needed for our technologies. Under the sea there are cables for communications, for energy and there are fish, let’s not forget that half of the world’s population feeds on fishery products. There is a very delicate problem of balancing the protection of the marine environment and mining drilling to extract rare earths and precious minerals. The treaty on the high seas is an agreement for the protection of the marine balance in areas not subject to the jurisdiction of the States”. adds Violante.