Violence against women, Belloni (Rea): “New projects planned for 2024”

The president of the association: “Let’s bring these issues to schools and companies”

“Rea deals with the prevention of violence against women and the fight against gender violence, as well as working with companies on these issues. In 2024 the association will carry out other projects also within schools and will collaborate with the state university on an investigation of judicial measures regarding the removal of children from the foster parent and the placement of children in the community. In the event that violent conduct has been reported, provisions will be collected from the ordinary court of Milan and the juvenile court, to carry out a thorough investigation on this matter”. Silvia Belloni, president of the Rea-Reagire alla violence Association, said this on the occasion of the third event “Io mi opppongo”, an orientation project against gender violence created by Rea – Reagire alla violence, the association that promotes gender-based violence initiatives. information and awareness to prevent gender violence, discrimination and harassment in every area of ​​life, for companies, to which Volvo Groups Italia reconfirms its membership.

The expression to which the title of the initiative is linked deliberately refers to legal language, with the aim of stimulating a legal culture on these issues. Rea was born from the constant commitment of Silvia Belloni, Pina Picierno and Maria Silvia Sacchi, with the support of Daniela Poggio, regarding the topic of the fight against violence against women and minors. The space created ad hoc by the association aims to analyse, discuss and educate open to all actors in society. Look at companies for the role they play in people’s lives as employers and places of culture formation.

During the event, the president of Rea illustrated the concept of stereotype, through the image of a pyramid on rape culture, which from its foundations makes it clear how the behaviors at the base of the pyramid support those at the top : “Let’s start with the locker room jokes. In the last meeting we talked about harassment defined by many as joking jokes, but if we promote this we will normalize situations that become more aggressive and violent and this is how this pyramid is built from the various behaviors up to the deadly ones. If we managed to dismantle this pyramid and bring down the foundations by contesting and avoiding the normalization of the underlying attitudes, over time a battle against gender violence would take place.”

With the ”Mi Oppongo” project we want to promote the culture of respect even within schools. In this regard, in October, the pilot project involving students began at the Parini high school in Milan. Two lawyers, during two meetings with the students, explained what constitutes a crime, the culture of respect, the weight of the words used and other similar topics. After the success of this pilot project, the association already has new plans in mind which once again see young people as protagonists: “Rea is very interested in the young people’s point of view on gender violence, in fact, we are creating a project, in collaboration with another large multinational, which is able to make the position of Italian students on gender violence understood”.

Belloni concludes by launching, on behalf of the association, a message to all young people who may find themselves in a difficult situation: “Rea wants to advise girls and boys to always discuss things, not to remain silent and not to be afraid to open up a communication channel on any type of discomfort that the boy or girl feels on these issues or on anything else. It is important that as soon as a girl or boy perceives behaviors that cause annoyance, inconvenience or compromise of their rights, they confront each other and ask for help, activating the support network”.