Violence against women, Chamber approves Code Red

The House has given the definitive green light to the bill on the acquisition of information from victims of domestic and gender-based violence already approved by the Senate. There were 200 votes in favour, no votes against and 61 abstentions

Final go-ahead from the Chamber to the bill for the avocation of investigations for crimes of domestic or gender-based violence. The text was definitively dismissed in Montecitorio with 200 votes in favour, none against and 61 abstentions (Pd and Avs). The standard is part of the so-called Red code which provides for a further possibility of avocation of the preliminary investigations by the attorney general at the Court of Appeal, which occurs when the prosecutor, in cases of crimes of domestic or gender violence, does not hear the offended person within three days from the registration of the crime report.

The reactions

“I have experienced this dramatic problem. I am well aware of the drama these women are experiencing. This law does not solve the problem. We are voting in favour, but if we really want to stop this tragedy, much more must be done”. The deputy of M5S Daniela Morfino said it in tears in the Chamber of the Chamber. “Man must understand that he must stop”, she added, repeatedly interrupted by the applause of the Chamber. Thus Rita Dalla Chiesa, vice president of the deputies of Forza Italia: “The thing I want to underline is to see our national secretary and minister Antonio Tajani and our group leader in the Chamber, Paolo Barelli at this table. They are here supporting us, as always. As group leader of Forza Italia in the Feminicide and Gender-based Violence Commission, I confirm that in Parliament we are making a huge and transversal effort. Since we cannot act in the mind of those who commit acts of violence, in preventing episodes of violence we must act promptly, this it’s fundamental. I’m also asking for help from men and not just from women. They must act as a ‘watershed’ on this issue and say: we men don’t recognize ourselves in those who mistreat or kill women”. Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani echoes Dalla Chiesa’s words: “On 16 August, I made a commitment together with the FI parliamentarians to present a legislative text that would allow even more women who are victims of violence or potential violence to be protected with preventive action even more effective”. “From Marsala comes the umpteenth case of feminicide – Mariastella Gelmini (Azione) wrote on social media – just at the moment in which Parliament is giving the definitive go ahead for the bill for the avocation of investigations for crimes of domestic violence or However, this alone is not enough, work must be done quickly that also takes into consideration the proposals of the opposition and that gives a strong signal to women. Marisa Leo was killed yesterday by her ex-partner in the Trapani area. In 2020 she had complaint for stalking. We need special protection for women who report. This battle cannot be won only with interventions of a criminal nature, we are aware of this, but if we were able to secure those who find the strength to report we would have taken a significant step forward “.

AVS: “We abstain, too little due to an emergency”

“We abstain, we are ready to do our part but on an organic text that fully addresses the emergency of male violence against women”. So the leader of the Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra in the Justice Committee of the Chamber Devis Dori in the explanation of vote on the pdl which intervenes on the rules of the Red Code. Dori adds: “We had presented our agenda signed by the parent company Zanella which asked for a commitment to train magistrates and law enforcement agencies in particular, the categories at the forefront of the conflict: the majority rejected it, giving an incomprehensible signal” .