Violence against women, Fasciani (McDonald’s): ‘With ‘You are not alone’ we support communities’

‘You’re not alone. Let me help you will have a major impact on all of our customers. We are a restaurant that welcomes from 1,500 to 2,000 people and therefore we can convey extraordinary information content like this, which we think can lift this dramatic social scourge from silence and to help make people reflect, reason and inform people that there is a first initiative to contrast, the 1522, to which women can turn for initial support”. Marco Fascianipresident of the body representing Italian licensees, on the sidelines of the launch of “You are not alone. Let yourself be helped”, the initiative of McDonald’s and Department of Security Policies, Productive Activities and Equal Opportunities of Rome Capital to spread awareness of the national anti-violence number 1522 through stickers that will be posted in the bathrooms of the 73 McDonald’s restaurants in Rome and province.

It is an initiative included in a set of activities that we carry out as a company within the social fabric in which we operate– adds Fasciani – One of the values ​​of McDonald’s is to support the communities in which the restaurant works and we do this with initiatives that are integrated into the business and strategic plan of the organisation”. Among these “‘Always open to donate‘, with 170,000 solidarity meals offered to voluntary associations”, but also work “with children to give them training, for example with the English language. We have also made a protocol with the ASL of the Roman territory where we have started training internships for people with social complexity, emotional and cognitive difficulties, working to increase self-esteem and autonomy. And in the most dramatic period of the war in Ukraine, our restaurants turned into solidarity hubs where suppliers, employees and customers brought basic necessities and meals which were then sent to war camps,” he concludes.