Violence against women, Fise first sports federation to set up an Anti-Harassment Commission

On a day in which the world stops to reflect on the value of the female figure and on the role that women play in modern society, Fise continues its constant commitment to ensure that women are the protagonists not only in a sport that looks, in practice , to one – equal opportunities – which in the equestrian world translates into “equal role” (in equestrian sports, in fact, the competitive role between men and women has no differences), but also focuses attention on their professional training. Equality between women and men is a fundamental principle of the European Union. It is a common value and a necessary condition for achieving the objectives of growth, employment and social cohesion.

On this day the FISE, as a sports federation, strongly feels the task, as declared by the President Marco Di Paola: “… to represent an inclusive place, which must guarantee safety, serenity, training and growth of ethical-social values ​​for young people and for their families. Sport is now considered a lifestyle, every family experiences physical activity in everyday life, therefore the mission of Fise and the world of sport must not only guarantee sports training devoted solely to competitive data, but authentic education for life both for athletes and for instructors and managers “.

As proof of this commitment, the FISE, in addition to being the first sports federation to have established an Anti-Harassment Commission, has launched a free training project aimed at the roles of women in the world of work. “Women without fear” this is the translation of the project implemented by the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports: Fearless Girls. Aim for apical and hierarchically higher positions or roles within the federal bodies and giving due emphasis to the role that women must play in contemporary society.

This project for the Fise represents another important step: attention and respect towards women in all fields, including the professional one. “We must do more to bring women to top roles in sports federations”, declared the vice president of Fise Grazia Basano “certainly our federation starts from a position of total balance that places men and women at the same competitive level. But on this day I feel I can support the birth and development of these projects in the sports world, but not only, because the protection of women must be a 360-degree commitment. Tackling this serious cultural deficit means not letting our guard down and finally designating women to important roles, with the aim of improving governance in sport. Violence against women must necessarily find decisive and punctual answers in everyday life and in respect of its dignity, in every area of ​​civil society “.

The sports sector is full of opportunities for administrative and leadership positions. However, most of the top positions are filled by men, while women remain significantly underrepresented, especially in key leadership positions. A common effort is urgently needed: to build valid paths in defense of women, because precisely in times of crisis such as the one we are experiencing, roles and perspectives weaken and become more fragile and expendable subjects.