Violence against women, Mattarella: “We cannot limit ourselves to intermittent indignation”

The President’s alarm: “We are far from a profound cultural change, we need everyone’s contribution. Behind this violence there is the failure of a society”

“The number of women who are victims of aggression and oppression is itself a denunciation of the existence of a phenomenon not linked only to anomalous situations. We cannot limit ourselves to opposing it with intermittent indignation”. This is the call of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

“We are far from the rooting of that profound cultural change that our Constitutional Charter indicates. A path – underlines the Head of State – in which women and men meet to build a better humanity together, in difference and solidarity, aware that there cannot be love without respect, without the acceptance of other people’s freedom. A path in which women achieve equality because they are free to grow, free to know, free to be free, in the spirit of the Istanbul Convention, to which the European Union has joined, an important sign of a universal vision of self-determination and “equality of women’s rights and a decisive step in outlining the framework of interventions against gender violence”.

“Behind the dripping of attacks there is the failure of a society”

“A human society, inspired by civilizational criteria, cannot accept, cannot tolerate steady stream of attacks on women, if not their assassination. The incurable pain and pain of wounded families and communities is everyone’s torment”, says Mattarella. “When we find ourselves faced with a murdered woman, the broken life of a young woman, a person humiliated verbally or in the gestures of life every day, in the family, in the workplace, at school, we feel that behind this violence there is the failure of a society which fails to promote real equal relations between women and men”, continues the Head of State.

“Wound that cannot be healed”

“The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women calls everyone to a renewed, personal commitment. Improvised analyzes of social psychology are not helpful in justifying the persistence of a plague that cannot be healed despite efforts. We need the work of institutions, associations, the productive world, schools, culture, everyone’s contributionto eradicate a phenomenon that betrays the pact on which our very idea of ​​community is based”.