Violence against women, Schlein: “PD is at the ‘Not one less’ parade, I will go if I can”

On a law on affective education at school “there seems to be a distance with Meloni”

“The Democratic Party has always participated and will participate tomorrow too.” Elly Schlein said this at the Domani party, on the platform of tomorrow’s demonstration ‘Not one less’ against violence against women. “I’m in Perugia in the morning, if I have time I will gladly participate as I always have. But I wouldn’t use this appointment in an instrumental way.” On a law on affective education at school with Meloni “there seems to be a distance”. “Yesterday in the Senate an opposition agenda on this was not approved” says the PD leader. “We think there is a need for a law that makes affective education compulsory in all school cycles, a structural requirement, not an optional one. We are open to things done with criteria. Meloni? You have to ask her, I I made a request.”


This government is sending us crashing. There is an alternative and it is ready” underlines the Dem leader. “We are making this effort in the territories, we have shown that the right is fighting, we did it in Foggia. The Democratic Party does not have the syndrome of presumption or arrogance, it makes itself available but it is the first opposition force and there is no alternative without us”. On the maneuver “we have presented 1,103 amendments that try to outline a future, with all the coverage. Because it’s true that the blanket was short but they burned the blanket, they made bad choices.”


The primaries? “We must work generously across all territories. No one can criticize the Democratic Party for being closed to the expansion of the coalition. I ask everyone to think together.”


Is the government correcting pensions? “We are still waiting for them, for weeks we have been denouncing that the maneuver is unfair in that part”.