Violence against women, #Sempre25novembre: Sorgenia’s commitment continues

This year the aim of the project is to spread as much knowledge as possible of the anti-violence and stalking toll-free number 1522 of the Department for Equal Opportunities, a first aid tool available to women who suffer violence.

On the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Sorgenia renews its commitment to combat the dramatic phenomenon that continues to occur in our country. According to data from the Ministry of the Interior, from the beginning of 2023 to today there have been almost 100 victims of femicide in Italy, 77 of which were within the family. The #Sempre25novembre awareness campaign, now in its sixth edition, aims to always keep attention high on this social emergency, not only on the day that the United Nations has dedicated to the topic.

This year the aim of the project is to spread knowledge of the as much as possible anti-violence and stalking toll-free number 1522 of the Equal Opportunities Department, first aid tool available to women who suffer violence. To achieve maximum resonance, an information campaign was designed within accessible and ideally safe places, where women have freedom of movement without direct control.

Thanks to the availability of the airports of Milan Linate and Malpensa (Sea), Naples (Gesac), Turin (Sagat), Alghero (Sogeaal), Olbia (Geasar) and Trieste (Afvg), information posters on 1522 will be displayed in the external spaces and in the women’s toilets.. Starting from the assumption that gender violence is a problem with deep cultural roots, Sorgenia also brings the awareness campaign to spaces reserved for men: only through everyone’s awareness and active involvement is it possible to effectively combat the phenomenon.

As a corollary, airports will host large posters to raise awareness of the issue among as many passengers as possible. A similar message will be conveyed in the 45 pharmacies and 9 parapharmacies that make up the Italian Pharmacies network: information posters and targeted communication through newsletters and personalized messages intended for customers. The awareness-raising formats will be accompanied by a QR Code which will allow access to a web page with testimonials, useful information and an interactive questionnaire to recognize potentially dangerous situations.

Sorgenia’s objective is to expand the scope of the campaign in an increasingly widespread manner in the coming months, ideally involving all the places that women can access alone (dressing rooms, changing rooms, doctors’ offices). Even the territories in which the company’s plants are located will become spaces of awareness in which local associations, active in the area, will give voice to address the issue in a concrete way.

With the new edition of #Sempre25novembre, he says Michele De Censi, CEO of Sorgenia“we want to enhance existing institutional tools, deploying our resources in favor of the community. We also do this thanks to the F2i infrastructure fund with the aim of reaching an ever-increasing number of people, certain that this message must resonate as much as possible We position ourselves as enablers to increase people’s level of awareness, with the hope that this initiative will contribute to promoting the necessary and no longer postponable cultural change with simple and concrete actions”. #Sempre25novembre will be supported by a communication plan that includes a social campaign aimed at making the message viral for the entire year.