Violence against women, the Codere ‘In love with you’ project in Salerno

The fourteenth edition is hosted in the Marble Hall of Palazzo Città

Arrives in Salerno the appointment with “Fall in love with you”, the itinerant project of Codere Italia – a reference multinational in the legal gaming sector – aimed at combating violence against women. The fourteenth edition is hosted in the Marble Hall of Palazzo Città, with the patronage of the Municipality and the ASL of Salerno, the Order of Psychologists of Campania, the Order of Lawyers of Salerno and in collaboration with AGAS – Salernitana Young Lawyer Association.

In the period 1 January – 14 May 2023, 121 homicides were recorded in Italy, with 43 women victims; of these, 37 died in the family/affective environment, in particular, 22 at the hands of their partner/ex-partner. Compared to the same period of 2022, the general trend records almost the same number of episodes (from 118 to 121 +3%), while the number of female victims decreases from 47 to 43 with a negative percentage of -9% .

About ten years ago, the instrument of the so-called Quaestor’s Admonition was introduced for the crime of domestic violence. This is a formal communication, from the Police Chief himself, which warns the subject against whom there are well-founded reasons that he may commit a crime. A sort of admonition, in fact, which aims to act as a deterrent”. (continued)

Violence against women is a socio-cultural phenomenon and not just a police or judicial one, it cuts across all socio-economic segments of the population and at all cultural levels”, illustrates Giuseppina Sessa, Director of the Salerno Police Headquarters Anti-Crime Division. “The importance of prevention is recognizing the first signs of women victims of violence. The warning of the Police Commissioner allows timely and sometimes decisive intervention”.

“According to the latest ranking of the Sole 24 Ore on the crime index in the cities of Italy, Salerno is in 69th place as regards reports of sexual violence with a total of 74 reports per 100,000 inhabitants, explains Vittoria Cosentino, Councilor Municipal Municipality of Salerno. The theme of gender-based violence and the exponential increase in cases requires starting from the conscience of the individual, from the value of one’s own dignity and that of others, intervening above all on the level of prevention through information and training. It is not enough to treat abused women, we must also treat those who commit violence. The ASL of Salerno, for example, to try to stem the problem has set up, in addition to the pink path in hospitals, a center for the treatment of violent man’s behavior called Time Out. The center wants to affirm that in order to address the issue of violence against women we need to work on the treatment of violent behaviour. Ignoring the violent man means that other women can be further victims of violence”.

There is a great awareness and growing concern with women who are fighting for their right to safety, says Marcella Mantovani, Fipe Confcommercio Campania Councilor and Fipe Campania Women Entrepreneur President. Our companies, as real safeguards of legality in the area, are directly involved in this battle for civilization and for spreading awareness at every level. From this awareness, within the FIPE Women’s Group, the #SicurezzaVera prevention and “active defense” campaign against gender-based violence was born and successfully spread, launched by FIPE and the State Police almost two years ago. Having an extra ally such as the gaming halls, thanks to EGP that welcomes our project and makes it its own, gives us a further stimulus. We are therefore grateful to Codere Italia for the invitation to the Salerno stage: the path is certainly the right one, we must work together and united so that places of entertainment and socializing become synonymous with safety for everyone, both for the women who attend them and for the women who work there”.

Living in safety is a right of every citizen. But when you suffer damage, an offense and are therefore the object of a crime, the forensic class today more than ever has the right tools to help those in need find a solution. “The Association aims to maintain a constant relationship and to establish a continuous dialogue between the forensic class and the civil community, in order to allow the “Lawyer”, as a healthy bearer of values, to understand the needs of society, interpret the changes and be able to better defend his rights”, underlines Annapaola La Vergata, President of AGAS Associazione Giovane Avvocatura Salernitana.

Penalties for sexual assaults have increased in recent years. and the crime of persecutory acts (stalking) was also introduced. The recent Cartabia Reform has also provided for the introduction of innovations in the field of protection of people offended in crimes of gender violence. The intervention of Rocco Alfano, Deputy Prosecutor, III Section Coordinator of crimes against the Person and cd. “Codice Rosso” Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Salerno highlighted the statistics of criminal occurrences attributable to the so-called Red Code, the practical aspects of the lawsuit and the relationships with the corresponding civil law for an effective and synergistic protection.

Today the theme of the trial in family matters is of absolute centrality, also in the light of the introduction of the new institutions envisaged by the so-called Cartabia Reform in relation to episodes of domestic and family violence that emerged before or during the civil proceedings, highlights Valentina Chiosi, Judge I Family Section at the Court of Salerno. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to evaluate the family context in which these phenomena are rooted in an ever more careful manner in order to intervene in a timely and adequate manner to protect minors who are the weak link in the entire family system”.

“The Cartabia reform, on the subject of listening to the minor, has provided, alongside the general rules pursuant to articles 473 bis 4 and 5, a specific rule contained in the provision pursuant to art. 473 bis 45 which dictates the rules to which the judge of family disputes will have to comply in order to avoid the phenomenon of secondary victimization of the minor”, adds Ersilia Trotta, Member of the family commission of the National Forensic Council.

Furthermore, in the event of a judicial separation, the judge proceeded in the first instance with an attempt at conciliation and mediation. From this year (from 28 February 2023), with the entry into force of the Reform however, if two spouses separate and in the proceeding facts of violence (psychological, physical, economic, sexual) are attached, committed in the most varied ways (stalking, rape, murder) revolts against the person on the basis of his or her sexual identity, the judge must refrain from any attempt at conciliation and from the invitation to contact a family mediator. The choice of the legislator is due to the need to protect the personal sphere, the personality and the safety of the victim and to avert the risk of secondary victimization which occurs when a party victim of violence or abuse is induced to sit at a table of mediation with the perpetrator of violence, with the risk that the dynamic of oppression is reproduced.

The task of civil society is not to get used to violence and to always take action to find solutions and further food for thought. “Carrying out meetings that allow women to recognize everything that is violence is one of the ways to counter it, explains Antonietta Grandinetti, Councilor on elective assignment at the Council of the Order of Psychologists of the Campania Region and President of the Health Commission of the Order of Psychologists of the Campania region. Physical violence is easily recognized; it is on psychological violence that we must help women and the whole community to recognize it without justifications”.

“For many years Codere Italia has been committed to keeping the attention high on the fight against all forms of violence and discrimination, continues Imma Romano, Director of Institutional Relations at Codere Italia. The format of this traveling project “In love with you” stems from the desire of a multinational to involve employees and the territories in which it operates in a constant debate, trying to make a contribution, as far as possible, to solving the problem”.

“Gender-based violence still remains among the most alarming phenomena in the Italian legal and social landscape, despite the proliferation of regulations and contrast techniques strengthened by recent legislative interventions dictated in the field of crimes against the person, clarifies Annamaria Caprio, AGAS Councilor. The purpose of forensic operators and insiders is to make the community aware of compliance with the law through the provision of preventive and ablative instruments capable of intervening on the one hand to support the victim of abuse and, on the other, to stem any possible abusive conduct from the primordial stage”.

Lastly, Carmen Maria Piscitelli, Councilor AGAS spoke about the relationship between penal protection and compensation for damage within the family with regard to secondary psychological violence in the family. After Salerno, the itinerant project “Innamorati di Te” will stop in Parma next autumn.